Asahina Samidare
Sami Devil


Asahina Samidare

First Appearance:

Chapter 1


Beast Knights


High School Student


Princess; Lucifer


17; (27 as of Chapter 65)

The boss for the knights. In the past, she was a sickly hospital-bound girl. Powerless and awaiting certain death, she laid in her deathbed afflicted with a strange disease. However, things changed for the better after Anima passed on her powers to her, entrusting her with the role of the 'Princess', the supreme leader of the knights destined to save the world from the ominous 'biscuit hammer', an immense doomsday weapon masterminded by 'Animus', the supposedly villainous mage, that will one day descend and crush the planet along with it's helpless inhabitants.

However, unbeknownst to the the knights (except Yuuhi) she secretly wishes the destruction of Earth by her own hands. Her wish, driven by her love for the planet, is to own it, but after realizing that the life expectancy between humans and planets is too large, she arrives at the conclusion that the only way to really be the owner is to be it's destructor. More importantly, she wishes to destroy her helplessness along with the planet, being as after the war with the mage is over and Anima leaves her she will go back to her near death sickly state. She sets out to destroy the biscuit hammer and defeat the mage so she can be the one to destroy the world. The titular 'Lucifer', she seems to deceive the other knights into believing she truly desires the salvation of Earth, and manipulates Yuuhi into her side.


16 year-old high school girl with shoulder-length brown hair that is tied in a small ponytail at the back.


Energetic and dominating, outwardly she is very proud of her abilities and has an overwhelmingly strong and frightening willpower that enables her to rarely let the misery of others get to her. Under her shell of power and control she has a fragile heart that she has given to Yuuhi, she loves humanity deeply, her human nature is always present and she can be prone to being embarrassed and lonely. Her fragile selfish aspects push her into wishing for the destruction and possession of the planet. She takes advanced classes.


Samidare has been endowed with the power of extreme strength from Anima. This makes her physical strength and endurance the strongest. She has also been developing her psychic powers that she has absorbed directly from Anima.