Nagumo Souichirou
Nagumo full view


Nagumo Souichirou

First Appearance:

Chapter 17


Beast Knights


Unemployed; Detective (Former)


The Horse Knight; The Unicorn


42; (52 as of Chapter 65)

The Horse Knight. His animal partner is Dance Dark.

A serious and reserved man. Seemingly experienced, Nagumo appeared before Yuuhi, Mikazuki and Samidare claiming that he has traveled around in search of all of the knights in order to round them together. He exchanged contact numbers with the trio claiming he has already gotten a hold of three more knights, the snake, the black cat and the owl. He appears to be very knowledgeable of the situation and acts as the commander of the knights. He is currently unemployed, having quit his previous job as a police detective after harboring bitter feelings toward his useless pursuit of justice.

He is later the first chosen to be a Mythical Beast Knight, Unicorn.


He wears a long brown coat over a sleek sleeveless shirt, and a pair of jeans tied down with a buckled belt.


A serious and straight to buisness individual. He is very protective and makes sure everyone is safe. He took the role of commander , and all the other knights report to him. However he has a childish side, always seen eating sweets and being carefree.


He trains in the mountain with weights, strengthening his legs and making his kicks very powerful. He used to able to do 100 kicks in rapid sucession in his youth.

He is proficient in strategy and tactics and acts as a commander to the rest of the knights.

His domain control is Takamagahara. It takes the a rectangle shape and can be used to grab and hold in place whatever is inside it.

He later becomes a Mythical Beast Knight, Unicorn. In this form, his domain control is called Drill Kick and it takes the form of a thick ribbon which can be be folded to be used offensively, coiling around his legs in a drill shape to make his kick
Drill kick1

Drill Kick's first appearance

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Drill kick2

Drill Kick

tructive, or defensively by forming a thick


As rope

Takamagahara used to bind a Golem

As a shield

Takamagahara used as a shield