Noi Crezant

The Lizard familiar. His knight partner is Amamiya Yuuhi.


A yellowish green lizard. He has a dark orange iris with brown around the pupils.


He is somewhat of a coward and has a serious-buisness personality. He is gossipy and is interested in other people and the weather. He has a strong sense of right and wrong and often lecteurs Yuuhi for his behavior. He does not have much respect for Yuuhi at first and often teases him, only to be held up by the tail as punishment. He seems to be the least informed of all the animal familars. When he first met Yuuhi he basically only knew that the world was going to be destroyed and they had to find the other knights and the princess. He claims to have suffered memory loss, but it may just be because he died so early during the previous battle for earth. He is completely against Samidare and Yuuhi's plot to destroy the world, and feels guilty that he can not convince the later to stop Samidare. Although he wishes to save the earth he is either too cowardly or just loyal enough to Yuuhi to not try and stop them, or at least warn the other kinghts.