Shimaki Hyou


Shimaki Hyou

First Appearance:

Chapter 22


Beast Knights


University Professor


The Black Cat Knight


27; (37 as of Chapter 65)

The Black Cat Knight. His animal partner is Coo Ritter.

A professor who was chosen to be the Black Cat Knight. His familiar is Coo Ritter. He is interested in achieving the Akashic records, the knowledge of everything in the universe. This desires captures Animus' interest in him since both of them have similar goals, and because of this he often chats with him trying to recruit him to his side. Not too long after he is introduced, he is called into a dream world by the mage Animus, and asked to join his side. In exchange, Animus promises that they can explore the Universe together, and discover all there is to discover. Shimaki seems to seriously be considering this for a while, but in the next meeting he promptly refuses, and attempts to attack Animus.

After having his original wish of omniscience denied by Coo, he settles for the ability to create his own set of golems.


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Shimaki comes across as a quiet, mysterious character at first, and is initially portrayed as a selfish character, who seems to seek nothing but knowledge. Later he shows he truly cares for his allies. He states that he does not care for alcohol.


Golem creationEdit


Shimaki Hyou possesses the ability to create his own set of golems , thanks to his contractual wish for the power of ultimate conceptualization, which he calls Kybele. He at first names them after the days of the German week, and after the days run out he begins to use the german names of the four seasons.

Shimaki's golems:Edit

  1. Sonntag
  2. Montag
  3. Dienstag
  4. Mittwoch
  5. Donnerstag
  6. Freitag
  7. Sonnabend
  8. Fruhling
  9. Sommer
  10. Herbst
  11. Winter
  12. Ende
  13. Zukunft


At the end of the manga, 10 years after the final battle, it is revealed that Hyou and Yayoi got married.