Shinonome Hangetsu


Shinonome Hangetsu

First Appearance:

Chapter 8


Yakuza; Beast Knights


Bodyguard; Ally of Justice; Superhero; Transporter; Cleaner; Private Eye; Jack-of-all-trades


The Dog Knight; Fuujin; Hangetsu Mask



The Dog Knight. His animal partner is Ludo Shubarie.

Another one of the humans who made a contract with an animal partner. He is the second knight to be introduced and is also one of the most powerful. In battle, he is far more skilled than Amamiya or Asahina. He introduces himself as a "Ally of Justice" (business card included) and behaves very much like a cliche superhero, often diving in last minute to save the day. He grew up in a dojo with his younger brother Shinonome Mikazuki, and his father (a very talented martial artist). As a young boy Hangetsu's father introduced him to Parotman, (A special effect super hero video) and since then Hangetsu has admired and trained to become and Ally of Justice. Although he admires his childhood dog, Noko even more for jumping in front of a car to save a young boy's life. Hangetsu's biggest regret is that he couldn't save his dog and because of that he did not think himself worthy of becoming and Ally of Justice. However, he also makes a heroic sacrifice while fighting Thargelion, the fifth golem. His contractual wish was for Yuuhi to inherit all of his fighting abilities, which was granted after Hangetsu died. Although he is the first knight to die, Hangetsu is still an important character in the story and becomes an idol in the eyes of Yuuhi.


He has light creamish-brown hair. He wears a black shirt under a brown coat and tan pants.


Very cheerful and friendly, he is also a very responsible and determined person. He has a deep admiration for heroes of justice, although he understands his own limitations as a human being (A lesson he learned as a boy when he tried to fly off his roof like Parotman). With that in mind, he still tries the best he can possibly do, although he isn't above running from his problems if they are too great.

He holds a deep sense of admiration for his childhood dog, named Noko, for doing the one thing he couldn't do, bravely saving the life of a young boy. Because of that, he sometimes calls Ludo 'Noko', much to his annoyance.




He is one of the strongest knights, being a very skilled martial artist. In addition, his domain control of the Dog Knight is stated to be the strongest of the Beast Knights. His ability is Houtengeki , where he shapes his domain into a very powerful spear that can even pierce a golem's flesh.